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Big Nine Levels Pagoda on Dragon Turtle (Yellow + Green)

Big Nine Levels Pagoda on Dragon Turtle (Yellow + Green)

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Origin: Taiwan

Material: Gu Fa Liu Li

Colour: Yellow + Green

Size: 14x9x21cm

Dragon Turtle represents longevity and health. Pagoda can aid in studies or career advancement. Dragon turtle can help one to secure a scholarship. Place a dragon turtle in your home's wealth corner (called Xun in Chinese) to invite more wealth and prosperity. To find the wealth corner of your home, stand in the front door looking in. The far left corner of your home is the wealth area. You can also activate the wealth area of your home office.
Place it on your home desk or office.

The measurement and colour of the piece you receive will have slight variation as each piece is made individually. (One mold one piece)

Each art piece comes with a gift box.


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