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6mm Sandalwood Bracelet

6mm Sandalwood Bracelet

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Wrist Size


100% Natural

Material: Sandalwood

Origin: India

Bead size: 6mm

Wrist sizes: 13 - 18 cm

Weight: approx. 3 grams


Product Description

  • Sandalwood beads are part of Buddhist traditions. It’s known to be a powerful aid to enhance meditation, increase the power of your wishes and stimulate a sense of awareness. When you’re caught up in the middle of a busy life and you can’t find peace, regular meditation with a sandalwood bracelet can help you gain a better perspective and achieve positive energy to balance your life.
  • It brings peace and calm to the person wearing it.
  • It stimulates and jazzes up a sense of awareness.
  • It brings good luck and diminishes negative energies around you.
  • It helps you concentrate on one thing.
  • Its scent invokes a sense of tranquility and connection with divinity.
  • It can relieve stress and other mental traumas.
  • It lifts up melancholic thoughts and ideas to promote restful sleep.
  • It promotes energy and enthusiasm to increase self-esteem and zest for life.
  • It controls aggressiveness and irritability of the wearer and makes him open-minded to suggestions.
  • It helps in gaining inner strength and helps in overcoming adversities in life.


*Please note that there might be slight variations in color and size due to studio lightings.

*The bracelet may not be exactly the same as the picture shown as every bracelet is unique in appearance.

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