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Bountiful Riches as One Wishes Wealth Pot

Bountiful Riches as One Wishes Wealth Pot

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Origin: Taiwan

Material: Gu Fa Liu Li (Removable cap)

Size: 12x12x11cm

Colour: Colourful

Description: Bountiful wealth bowl represent an abundance of wealth with the ingot and coins carving piling to the top of the bowl. The Dragon Ball on top gives you luck and prosperity. There are fish carving represent wealth and prosperity in fengshui. The Ruyi scepter handles on its sides bless you with smooth sailing journey. Fill the inside of the bowl with preferred items such as copper coins or crystal chips.

Liu Li: The measurement and colour of the piece you receive will have slight variation from the pictures as each piece is made individually. (One mold one product)

Each art piece comes with a gift box.

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