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Crystal Clear Quartz Singing Bowl

Crystal Clear Quartz Singing Bowl

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100% Nautral Crystal

Origin: Brazil

Size: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12Inch 

Produce Crisp sound.

Our Crystal Singing Bowl is made with crushed clear quartz with technology from the United States.

The knocking stick is made of 100% lamb skin.

Comes with the knocking stick and ring base.

Why buy Clear Quartz Singing Bowl?

  1.  Quick, cleanse your crystal in 30seconds 
  2.  Cleanse crystal display of any size with vibration
  3.  Last forever unless broken


How to use?

  1. Gently knock the bowl edge once
  2. Put the handle on the edge of the bowl and drag it clockwise three round and anti clockwise three round
  3. Knock bowl body to stop the vibration
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