How to choose your Benefactor Chinese Zodiac Animal?


Difference between San He and Liu He

Compatible (San He 三合):

Known as buddies or friends, these 3 animals can live harmoniously together and bring good luck to each other. 

Secret Benefactor (Liu He 六合):

Akin to guardian angels, Liu He is more Potent than San He. You and your Liu He can help each other in publicity or in secret, love life and career. 


San He (Triple Harmony or Compatible )

  • Rat: Ox, Monkey, Dragon
  • Ox: Snake, Rat, Rooster
  • Tiger: Pig, Horse, Dog
  • Rabbit: Dog, Pig, Ram
  • Dragon: Rooster, Monkey, Rat
  • Snake: Monkey, Rooster,Ox
  • Horse: Ram, Tiger, Dog
  • Ram: Horse, Pig, Rabbit
  • Monkey: Snake, Rat, Dragon
  • Rooster: Dragon, Snake, Ox
  • Dog: Rabbit, Horse, Tiger
  • Pig: Tiger, Rabbit, Ram


Liu He (Secret Benefactor)

  • Rat - Ox
  • Tiger - Pig
  • Rabbit - Dog
  • Dragon - Rooster
  • Snake - Monkey
  • Horse - Ram


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