Chinese New Year Fengshui Presale!

Chinese New Year Fengshui Presale!

Enjoy 20% off when you spend above $100 for all Liu Li Items!

Up to 200 types of Liu Li products at our physical store!

Liu Li Products Includes:

1. Wealth attracting

- Wealth bowl, Tree and Cabbage

2. Celestial Creatures 
- Such as Pi Xiu, Kirin, Dragon Turtle and Three-legged Toad
3. Religious Liu Li
- Including Buddha, Guan Yin, Incense Bowl and Indian Gods
4. Accessories 
- Such as Ingots and Ruyi

Promotion ends on 31st December 2023. 

While stock lasts!

Free seller delivery with $500 minimum purchased.

To purchase, visit:

Official Website:

Physical Store:

Jin yu man tang
Fu Lu Shou Complex
Singapore 188425
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