Biggest Stores of Fengshui and Crystal Products

Wide Range of Fengshui and Crystal Products - Fu Lu Shou Complex

1. Xin De Yuan

  Located at the first floor of the complex, this store frequently in-stock wide range of Liu Li displays from Taiwan. Liu Li is a crystal-like displays usually used in fengshui. It can be used to mold into statues for praying or as a lucky ornaments. They also sells crystals for fengshui and healing properties. 

Location: Fu Lu Shou Complex, #01-15, S188425

Opening hours: 10.15am - 8.10pm daily

2. Fortune Crystal

  Fortune Crystal is known for its great quality of crystals instore. You can find excellent quality and shapes of Amethyst Cave here. You can choose from bracelets, bangles, pendants and necklaces. The quality of their jade bangles are also of good quality at an reasonable price. 

Location: Fu Lu Shou Complex, #01-14, S188425

Opening hours: 10.15am - 8.10pm daily

3. Jin Yu Man Tang

  Opened in 2006, Jin Yu Man Tang had a great expertise on its crystal jewelries. There are a wide range qualities of crystal jewelries available in-store. One of their notable creation is their customization service for its beautiful DIY gold plated bracelets. 

Location: Fu Lu Shou Complex, #01-13/03, S188425

Opening hours: 10.15am - 8.10pm daily

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